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The story behind Ahler Shoes

Ahler Shoes is a Danish brand established in 1999. Today the company is managed and owned by the couple Helle Rasmussen and Thomas Nielsen. The Company´s starting point was designing men’s quality shoes, out of the theory that they were missing in the market.

As the demand of Ahler´s shoe collection was highly requested, the collection expanded further.

The following years of production resulted in a request for cheaper shoes, that still acceded the same quality standards and design, Ahler Shoes strived for. Therefore, Ahler introduced TGA by Ahler. A brand-new collection, that not only was in excellent quality. But came at a fair price, now every man had a change to wear good quality footwear.


Innovative and fashionable Footwear

Every season we work to create innovative and fashionable footwear, for the modern fashion-conscious man every age. Our collections Ahler and TGA by Ahler are designed to appeal to a wide audience who truly appreciate high-quality, sustainable shoes that will withstand latest trends.

Our distinctive designs focus on the importance of shoes being an essential part in men’s clothing. Each shoe unique to itself and does not compromise the quality, comfort, or design.

Our design philosophy has evolved into three collections, that represents Dress Shoes, Causal Sneaker and the latest collection: A by Ahler which stands for ´accessories´, that primarily consists of fine leather belts and a range of men’s bags.


Danish design

Ahler shoes are designed with passion in Denmark.

They’re made out of carefully selected Italian leather and go through thorough inspection from people with decades of experience in the shoe industry. This process provides a quality stamp that ensures Ahler Shoes´ represented by partners in Denmark and across the world.


Quality and Comfort

Our range of men’s shoes are carefully designed with comfort as a main feature when it comes to the quality of the shoe. The comfort of the shoe is an important part of our work, and we aim after the fact that your shoe carries you through your entire life. A good shoe with the right fitting and mobility will prevent any discomfort.

The combination of high quality materials with the attention of hand crafted goods makes what Ahler stands for when it comes to designing our collections.


Our Values and our Ambition

Together with our ambition constitutes the foundation for everything we do:

”We don’t make simple shoes… It’s a blend of fashion, creativity and craftmanship – wear them and be proud…”

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